Bad Pad Comes to Life

After several vocal sessions and a many of long hours in the vocal booth through out the year I am stoked to announce that I recently wrapped up vocal work for the upcoming video game Bad Pad set to be released in 2018 by Headbang Games. This is a insanely creative game created by the master mind Avishay Mizrav in collaboration with Oray Studios. The game is backed by an stellar sound track of ripping guitar pieces performed by Avishay himself who contacted me looking for rock and metal vocals for a few of the musical pieces, after knocking out the intro track and a few other small interlude pieces Avishay noticed that I also offer Voice Over services and he asked me if I was down to audition for a few other characters in the game so I was like hell ya and so the journey began coming to a completion here this week after a few last tweaks and touch ups and character revisions.

The most epic part of this for me was when he created a few scenes in the game where the characters had to sing their own songs which put me on the spot to have to sing these rock songs while staying in character for each of the characters which was something I have never tried before, but as always I love and am down for a good challenge so I dug in and with a bit of practice, a few revisions and a whole lot honey lemon tea I got through everything helping bring several these character further to life and making them fit even more into the realm of Headband Games.

You can check out more on the game here at where you can find a link to play the beta version at steam, The final release is set for early 2018

Until next time stay creative and stay inspired!


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